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We operate on resin flooring and resin coatings domain since 2001 at national and international level.

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Decorative resin floors and coatings

The decorative floors and coatings resin are a mixture between art and design.
They are made with many types of decorative techniques, that are characterized by a high mastery and engraved with the artist inspiration, which realize one of the best and unique floors.
For all these reasons no one can find or have a floor like ours , because we don’t make serial models. The various aesthetic effects we use are imprinted in the working process with various techniques, that are also pictorial and material. Our products are made with powdered metals, aggregate and glitter.
Our products realization is preceded by a precise study and design, that is followed by an expert committee (architects, designers or private).
Our products are made for resin flooring and resin coatings and are destinated for those who want to create special and unique effects on their private homes, bathrooms, stores, fashion show-room, lounge bar, hotels etc.

Spatula-applied resin floors and coatings

Spatula-applied resin floors and coatings made with plaster resin are characterized by spatula-applied drawings, more or less highlighted , which recreates the effects of the stone, from those materials to those minimals.
The surface design ( unique and unrepeatable ) is created with dexterity.
The finished surface will be : non-uniform, with effects of uneven movement and with a continuity without any leaks. It is also possible to place it on new cement screeds and on the old surfaces without scarping or demolition.
This type of surface is suitable for floors and coatings in : residences, stores, fashion show-room, public places, lounge bar, hotels, etc. This type of surface shows good features of resistance to wear and foot traffic and it’s easy to maintain and clean. 

Coatings resin for Bathrooms

For its innovative and elegant aesthetic characteristics and for the ductility of the materials, which can be worked in various forms, the coating resin for bathrooms is nowadays  the favorite solution for many architects and designers.
The resin surface with her monolithic feature ensure a maximum hygiene and easy cleaning with neutral and natural products.
It’s also possible to realize shower trays and bathtubs with the appropriate preparations, with suitable materials and proper drains.

Furnishings, panels, additions or furniture in resin

The resin is not use only for flooring and coatings, but also for making pieces of art.
With resin it’s possible to create suggestive furnishing and designed furniture at high artistic and decorative contents.
On order it’s possible also to create unique designed pieces and handcrafted pieces. We create also doors, tables, sideboards, wardrobe,  headboards, frames, frames for mirrors, furnishings for lounge bar, for renowned hotels and for stores.
A decorative framework or a decorative resin panel can become a piece of furniture of great impact and it’s an excellent solution for complete and customize an ambient.
Everything is designed and created by decorators artists specialized in the field, that are always updated on the most innovative trends and market demands.

Coatings resin for stairs

The resin is a totally malleable material that can be laid with the experience and professionalism of a qualified staff on uneven surfaces such as stairs.
Also for this type of resin coating someone can choose between spatula-applied resin coating for a minimal design or a decorative coating resin, that is a solution more artistic.

Resin Samples

Our specialization in the field makes us range from the construction of floors and resin coatings to the creation of furniture and accessories.
For this or for any other job, after an inspection and a preliminary interview, we provide a number of samples to identify the type of resin that we search and when all is accepted we provide a range of customized samples according to the demands.